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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Command Center

Alright, I don't write much, but this has got my blood up, and so here goes. First off, while I'm pretty right wing, I'm not a 'pro-lifer' and I'm an atheist. I'm all in favor of the right to die, always have been. If I was brain dead, I have made my choice, and it is written down and legally recorded. I don't want a machine breathing for me.

That is not life. Now, the Christians will tell you suicide of any sort is wrong in the eyes of God. That's as may be - if He exists He hasn't told me any different. But I'm not interested in living in a theocracy, as such, I'm happy in America, and not Saudi Arabia. I do not want Christian moralist telling me how to live. If God is opposed to suicide then He will hold the guilty to account in the next world, which is His right, and His business.

So I hope you will understand why I feel that the attempted murder of Terri Schiavo has enraged and sickened me, and I find myself standing against those who would see her die. This is not a Right-To-Die case, far from it, and the sick attempts of those who would make it one shames the cause of every terminally ill suffering American who is ready to end their pain.
First off, Terri Schiavo's case is not about 'turning off the machine.' Understand that. Her husband's lawyer, a man named George Felos, uses language that suggests that it is a simple matter, that Terri Schiavo is kept alive by only a machine, that once that device is turned off, nature will take it's course.

This is so incredibly sick and demented that I can only recoil in horror. Terri Schiavo is not 'kept alive' by machines. The device Felos wants removed is her feeding tube. Think about that, for a minute. Her feeding tube. Once that tube is removed, the same thing will happen to Terri Schiavo that would happen to you or I if we were denied food and water for days on end. Starvation. Not a word the would-be killers of Terri Schiavo and their accomplices in the media would have you hear, but it is true.
Ironic, that, isn't it? We are terribly moved by the images of starving Somalian and Ethiopian children - our nation provides huge amounts of food aid. Go and find yourself a picture of a weak, starved, skeletal Somalian. That, in the name of 'decency' and of 'dignity' is what George Felos would reduce Terri Schiavo to. There is no dignity in dying like an animal in a snare. If you starved your dog, you would be arrested for cruelty to animals and probably put in jail. PETA and the rest of the animal rights nutcases would probably lynch you. I'd supply the rope.

But, after all, Felos might tell you, we aren't actually taking Schiavo and locking her in a room, forcing her to starve to death, now are we? Of course not. She can't eat on her own, so it's different. My baby cousin cannot eat on her own, either. No child can. Now, I'm not bringing abortion into this. Not at all. But a baby can't feed itself, after all. It's dependent on it's 'guardians' (parents) to feed it. Just like Terri Schiavo, and what do you think would be the reaction of the vast majority of Americans at parents who deliberately starved their own child? How about a retarded child? Feel better now? Lynching is too good for such a monster - I'd set the bastard motherfuckers on fire after flaying them alive - would you do any different? Honestly?


You sick, twisted, murdering piece of human shit. You and your inhuman client, both, are hereby invited to visit me - go ahead. I will lock you in a small room with no food or water, and we shall see with how much dignity and compassion and such you spend your final, miserable hours in. I will extend the same invitation to the criminal judges who allow this, to the Supreme Court, and, if I had my way, I would have the hospice workers who actually pulled her tube brought up on attempted murder charges. If they were following orders, then those were illegal orders. The Nazis also followed orders. I am dead serious. I want their names. I want their ASS. I want those who pulled her tube to ride the lightening in Florida. I want Jeb Bush to sign the death warrant. Should Mrs. Schiavo's family not feel comfortable pulling the switch, I hereby volunteer myself for that exalted position.

I hope there is a God. So when those monsters die, preferably painfully, they are Judged as they deserve, as the cold, premeditated would-be murderers they are.

If someone had strangled Terri Schiavo with a pillow, that's murder. They'd go to jail. If I shot her with a gun, that'd be murder. I'd got to jail. Hopefully I'd get to meet Old Sparky. Starvation, on the other hand, apparently isn't murder.

I'm so sick over this, my words cannot begin to explain. I want every Florida legislator who voted against giving Jeb Bush this authority charged with conspiracy to commit murder. I am dead serious. If I was a Florida DA, I'd be running all of these bastards in, one by one. And we'd see, in jail, how they liked it at dinner time, when they stayed in their cell and got to experience what they would so casually relegate a living, breathing, terribly hurt woman to. There is no fucking dignity in that! How can anyone ever see that there would be?

Jeb Bush, you did the right thing. You saved a life today, defended a person who had no other recourse - the true job of a compassionate government. If ever I was to meet you, for this alone I would salute you as an American hero.

There are other aspects of this case, aspects that, while not as damning and infuriating, make it so it should never have reached this stage. First, Terri Schiavo lives on her own. Second, she is actually somewhat responsive, or was, before her never-to-be-sufficiently-accursed husband took the money from her malpractice settlement and denied her the care she needed.

Why is this murder considered legal? My God, doesn't anyone remember that Terri Schiavo is human, is breathing, is ALIVE? The Nazis did this too. Those who were deemed 'incurable' were executed by the SS. At least they had a clean death, a bullet to the head. What, precisely, is the difference? Is it more humane to let a woman starve to death, to deny her food and water - a crime against Humanity if ever there was one - than to just shoot her? I'd prefer the bullet.

But let's not worry if we made the right decision. Let's just kill her. Who cares if her 'guardian' has betrayed her? Who cares if he has investigated ulterior motives? A court has ruled those shall remain secluded.

Should I ever wind up brain dead, not breathing, I want to die. If I have cancer, if I am in terrible pain, if I will never get better, I want to have the option to choose how I die. I would fight for those rights. I would. But I will never accept murder - and if someone I had trusted to watch over me tried to kill me - I would hope one of my family or friends would bring the son of a bitch to justice.


Thursday, July 17, 2003

Observation Deck

I've been verys busy with work and then out of town. I'm back, however, and I'm planning on making this a regular Blog. So, if you stumble across it, by all means, link if you wish. You can email me at Dave's Email and I'll respond.

So what brought me out of hiatus was This. After you've read it, and taken a blood pressure pill...
We need to stop screwing around, and root these worthless bastards out.

First, find Saddam.

Second, confiscate all weapons, from everyone. I know this seems like heresy, but we can give the people we vet guns. The people we vet.

Third, anyone who so much as chucks a rock gets lined up against the nearest wall.

Fourth, find the Ba'athist remnants and either put them right into their own dungeons or stand them up against the nearest wall.

And last, we need to tell Iran that if they don't seal their damned border in 24 hours we're going to turn them into ashes, then flatten something, say, that nuclear facilty they've been talking about, just to prove we mean buisness. No more screwing around here. US casualties have just today exceeded US dead in Gulf War I. We need to be lining the geurillas up against the wall.

Give 'em 48 hours to disarm and sign on to an amnesty program, that's all, that's IT, and then it's open season. The amnesty program should be called, in Arabic, "Deposit gun here and live to see next week."

This is just infuriating. No more screwing around. None. We need to take these people who attack us and just kill them. Bloodthirsty? Sure. But you know, it'll actually save lives in the long run. No, I'm not crazy. The last thing we need is a sort of popular mentality among Iraqis disgruntled about whatever their problems are that they can take potshots at Americans and get away with it. The hardcore crazies and militants will not stop fighting until they are shot (preferable) or shipped off to Guantanamo to rot. However, the angry type who would never have dared even look crooked at Saddam's military will remember that FUCKING with men with the guns is suicide, which should cut down on attacks.

Gunnery Room

Intiating Targeting Systems.
Target: Iraqi Die-Hards
Weapon Selection: U.S. Army Hammer, Mk. I

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Command Center

I've been doing some thinking about some leftist trusims and common threads in leftist sites like Alternet, YellowTimes, and, of course, the lunacy that is Indymedia. Their claims seem so self-contradictory and the leftist groups seem so hostile and reactionary.

I wanted to know why. So I read those sites every day. I read their articles, and, you know, I've finally understood what thought patterns make them operate.
First off - they're victims. Every group, by leftist dogma, that does not comprise the 'majority' which is white men and Jews, is a 'victim group,' requiring special treatment and sensitive handling. The list of these 'victim' groups is HUGE, obviously, to hit a few leftist favorites, blacks, illegal immigrants, disabled people, women (of any race), and, of course, Muslims, especially Muslim immigrants and Palestinians, most especially. Jews are bad, though, and my next essay is on why that is.

So to get credibility the leftist groups need to be victims. It's an absolute necessity, unfortunatly, it's also a totally ridiculous concept. Not that the Left has ever been afraid to make utterly insane statements, mind you, but they are trying to convince 'Middle America' that the Left is oppressed. As such, they are fond of citing any backlash for their supposed 'dissent' as a clear case of censorship and 'McCarthyism'.

Thus the Dixie Chicks (I am a Country fan and even like their music) are the victims of 'right-wing zealots,' neo-cons, huge, eeeevil corporations like Clearchannel (which is an abomination, but for other reasons) when their music is dropped from radio stations. Tim Robbins is a hero for getting disinvited to a private function for being an idiot. He's a victim of the 'right wing talk radio' and the 'Ashcroft Brigades'.

But this is bogus and that seems clear. Most DJs who pulled Dixie Chicks mucis did so at the request of a majority of phone calls\letters\email received by their listeners, who were angered at the Chicks' comments. Robbins and Susan Sarandon were out of step with the majority of Americans and presumably with the organization's directors. It wasn't Government thugs burning Dixie Chicks CDs, it was angry (ex)fans, who'd bought and paid for the CD's and therefore had the right to do with them as they pleased. The Chicks' CDs are available in every music store in the country, and no radio station that plays them is going to have it's FCC charter revoked. We all KNOW this. In fact, the only people whose dissent is being squashed...are...drumroll....These guys and that's it.

So why the agitating? Well, it all goes back to that persecuted minority complex. The Leftist groups ARE a minority, but, seeing as how they are totally convinced that everyone with any brain MUST agree with them, they refuse to admit they're a minority, or even to accept it to themselves. So they have the idea of a Silent Majority that agrees with them, all the time in every way, and the only reason the Leftist groups aren't in charge in our Democracy is the dissent squashing by what they want to believe is a small, evil, highly vocal and politically connected Right Wing, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy of Hillary fame.

So here the Left can have it's cake and eat it, too. On one hand, they're the majority, the people support them, everyone who isn't a fanatic or a racist bigot cultural supremecist is with them. On the other hand, they're a persecuted minority group who needs special protection and is exempt from normal debate and logical rules of conduct. Which explains the Leftist debate tactics against people like Daniel Pipes or Ward Connerly - these dangerous speakers must be silenced TO PROTECT FREE (Leftist) SPEECH. The Left, we all know, doesn't debate - they scream, riot, chant, shout down speakers, disrupt events, and so on. It's because they can't admit they're a minority and must demand they're a victim. So it's not America rejecting them, only the right wing fringe. Knowing this, it makes the continual Leftist chatter about the 2000 election so much more understandable. Of COURSE the right wing couldn't legitimately elect their candidate - the truth is obvios - Gore won and was of course sabotaged by the VRWC, so that's why the Supreme Court had to give Bush the election. Of course, that's not reality, but to the deluded leftist support base, reality is an ugly thing best avoided. No one wants to hear their problems are their own damn fault and the Leftist groups both embrace and pander to that mentality.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Command Center

It Is Time.

This is an essay on civilization versus the barbarians, a conflict throughout history. We are locked in a death struggle with the last of the barbarians.

Today someone asked me if I was concerned about the fact that we haven't been swimming in anthrax since we took out Hussein. I replied that it didn't matter. Not one bit. This isn't about whether or not Hussein had X amount of anthrax or whatever. We know he'd had those weapons in the past. We knew he'd keep pursuing them until he was removed. We knew the resolve of the UN was wavering. Saddam Hussein thought he could outlast the UN's will to inspect and enforce, and in this, he was right. He failed to grasp how the world changed. Then I showed them some examples of what the Butcher of Baghdad did to his own people, and said I thought this alone justified destroying his regime. I'll explore factors like this in my next two essays.

When I said all that, this person said, basically, that did that mean we were going to take out every half-ass dictator and brutal meglomaniac and insane dictator, surely I didn't want that. It might not be a bad idea, but again, another topic. More importantly, I responded, is not eradicating Al-Qaeda or whoever comes after them. It's clearing the swamps of the infestation that created them. In fact, it's past time.

And I say, it is time to drain those swamps. I'll put it like this. During the building of the Panama Canal, there was a huge malaria problem. Many of the Americans who worked there were sickened by this disease, transmitted through mosquitoes.
Now, obviously, this was before the drugs we use to treat malaria now, and malaria had devastated an earlier French attempt to build a canal in the same spot.
So how did the US Army defeat malaria?
They drained the swamps

They drained the swamps where the mosquitoes lived, and the mosquito population plummeted. So did the number of malaria cases. The problems went away. Not all disease, but the two biggest killers, yellow fever and malaria. The hospitals could better treat the rest of the diseases after the destruction of the mosquito swamps.

The despotic, brutal Middle East dictatorships and soldier-states are vicious swamps breeding a lethal kind of mosquito, and they will never get better on their own. As the religions and cultures become more fundamentalist, the standard of living will keep falling, America, Israel, and the West will keep taking the blame, and infrequent attempts to swat a few overly troublesome bugs will become more and more futile.
Al-Qaeda is a symptom, not a disease. Symptoms come and go in cycles, just like malaria, but in the end, it is either man or mosquito. If defending our civilization requires destroying the soldier states and imposing victor's peace and victor's justice, then so be it.

America did not ask for this conflict. It is forced upon us, by a certain sect of Islam that allows no other source of authority to exist, that demands that one religion rule the world, or the war will never end. The war will never end, until, like the fascists of last century, their culture has been purged of the infections plaguing it.

Germany had not been in peace twenty years running until America intervened for once and all and ended German militarism, probably forever. The Thirty Years War was as brutal and horrible an example of theocratic violence and ethnic horrors as one might see today. Millions perished. Much of Germany was laid waste. The wars continued, through the campaigns of Prussia against Napoleon, to the horrendous, insane bloodletting of WWI. Then, after WWII, America grew tired of the interminable European war, and imposed Pax Americana on a warring, splintered, violent continent, continuously at war since 300 AD.

The wars stopped. The pogroms stopped. The Nazis are gone. Now another threat rises and this threat, for all that it cannot challenge America directly is just as horrible, just as lethal. They hate us, will never stop hating us, and will always seek to strike us. It would be foolish of us to resist using the awesome power we can bring to bear upon these last barbarians. Should they every have the upper hand, mercy will be nowhere to be found. History is replete with examples of empires that failed to fight the barbarians, and fell because of it. Decadence is punished with extinction. The Romans sought to bargain with the Germanic tribes. The Chinese disdained the 'primitive' mongols, and the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain nearly had 'peace in his time' - the peace of the Grave. Britain was saved because there were other nations, more powerful nations, who helped and fought alongside the UK when the barbarians came.

There is no one for us to turn to. There is no country America can rely on. We are locked in a war with an entire culture that works for our destruction. Right now, it is a race to see if America will gain the will to destroy our foes before those foes acquire the means.
America did not want to start this fight, but we can, will and should end it. Lest it end us.

Sunday, April 13, 2003
Comm Room
Incoming Satellite Signal - Resolving Transmission.
Source: CNN

Oh boy. This looks to me like the French have finally come to the realization of just how badly they've misjudged the US. They allowed Saddam to think he was playing it smart being defiant,now, France is trying desperatly to make Syria shut up before they piss Washington off too much.

Here is what I see as happening. France, and Germany, Russia, and the rest, including SoDamn Insane, didn't grasp how much the Bush Administration and September 11 had changed policy. It's sort of hard to blame them - in Europe such sharp reversals of Government are more unusual. No one in their right mind sees the Clinton Administration doing this sort of thing, 9/11 or no. Snactions, bombing, harsh words - but no invasion. Not with our 'allies' resisting and popular opinion split - with Democrats favoring appeasment.

The world has changed - and France has just figured this out. France has realized that the traditional Third-World sport of America-Baiting is no longer a safe occupation. The current American leadership has had it. The new paradigm has become, even to France, shockingly clear: Hostile regimes are going to be targeted. If we can start a revolution, great. If not, we'll invade. IT IS NO LONGER SAFE TO TAKE POT-SHOTS AT AMERICA. The Middle East Thug Battalion no longer has the USSR to play of against America, either.

France does not want our power expanded. They don't want us taking out more of France's friendly dictatorships - imagine de Villepin watching this Syrian maniac standing in front of the bull and waving a red flag. France has finally grasped what Saddam Hussein did on March 19: No More Games.

So France, while simultaineously warning America not to act against Syria is trying to get Syria to shut their mouth and play nicely - because France understands that if Syria does not, they WILL be next. And France, the UN, the Germans, whatever, cannot save any nation if the US decides to break out the big guns.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Command Center

After a few days of combat in Baghdad, the reports have made clear that the entire world has made a serious misjudgement.

Baghdad was not 'Mogadishu's Revenge." Or maybe it was. During the Mogadishu firefight, for a total of 18 dead American heroes, perhaps a thousand Somalis were killed, but the focus was on the Americans, and for months, Baghdad has loomed as the redoubt of Saddam and his most fanatical maniacs, a sure nightmare for the American troops.

My God, what a mistake. If anything has become clear by the Iraqi campaign, especially the assualt on Saddam's capital, it is that the American armed forces are perhaps the scariest, most lethal force in history - and that, given the politcal will to prevail, it will not be Americans who are at a disadvantage in city fighting.

In Mogadishu, the troops were denied armored support, fixed-wing air cover, and were allowed to become trapped in a hostile city. Not this time. The lessons that we learned at high cost in Somalia have been utilized. 18 men did not die in vain.

I suppose, in twenty or thirty years, school children will learn about the "Battle of Baghdad." Massacre of Baghdad is more like it. The whole world awaiting an American bloodbath - left-wing doomsayers preparing to march when the hundreds of American body bags came back as well as more hawkish types preparing for the Second Battle of Stalingrad, are in shock.

The blood has been almost totally Iraqi. The manaics who have chosen to pit themselves against Earth's most incredible concentration of military might have been destroyed. 40,000 American troops roll as they please throughout the city, armored spearheads smashing any attempt at organized opposition, machine guns and snipers picking off stragglers, and A-10 warplanes blowing anything threatening to Kingdom Come with 30MM cannon and bombs accurate within a meter or two.

The world, the press, is in shock. In less than three weeks, an entire army has been effectively eradicated. Not conquered or even dispersed, but wiped from the face of the planet. The enemies who holed up in the cities, believing themselves to be secure in a heavily populated urban center are broken to a disorganized rabble outfitted with whatever equipment they can scrape up, existing only until they come into contact with an American column, then dying in futile charges or terrified retreats.

The shell-shocked people of Baghdad, terrified of the privations of a long seige or of the ability of America to flatten their city around their ears, are the world's first witnesses to a whole new era in combat. America has, in a few short days, erased the stigma of both Vietnam and Mogadishu. Every fanatic with an AK now knows that when the Juggernaut comes for him, there is no escape. America has proven it's ability to enter a city with few forces, find, destroy, and secure any enemy presence.

Saddam was betting that Baghdad would be the grave of the Americans, but it has not proven the case, and the implications are staggering. It is already known that America can win an open field battle against anyone. Now the world has seen what America can do in a city, and what awaits any power that challenges this nation. For make no mistake - the Battle of Baghdad is a turning point in the history of the modern world. Had the city truly been a graveyard for America, this campaign might have been the end of the military response to 9/11.

Now, that no longer seems the case. The evil regimes of the world must now face the specter of an America that will defend itself regardless of the toothless UN - and an America that can destroy them, no matter where they hide.

After all this, the specter of the 'guerilla fighter,' that vicious AK-47 toting irregular is banished forever. The Viet Cong and the Somali gunmen are no longer the bugbear they once were - America has come to the enemy's house. We have fought him in his home turf, where he has nothing to lose. And we have destroyed him, toatally, completely, and with minor losses. The world has changed. The first to know were the Fedayeen of Iraq, but this lesson will rock the world.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Command Center

He's suckered them again.

President Bush has been called stupid, simplisme, retarded, and has even faced accusations of endangering American security from some people who support war.

And hence my anger with the current Administration's policy.

The President is, currently, apparently placing the national interests of the United States and its people in second place and I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT!

As much as I respect The Emperor, indeed, I owe my inspiration to him, I have to disagree. President Bush has, in the last 24 hours, managed to set up the French for the biggest smackdown they've suffered since a little place called Dienbienphu.
One might wonder why Fearless Leader Bush, so insistent on disarming Iraq a few months back, has been playing pointless UN political games for the last week.

Forgive me, Mr. President.

We now know why. This is why.

The French dismissed the effort outright, sparking a trans-Atlantic shouting match.

"We cannot accept the British proposals insofar as they are part of a logic of war, a logic of automatic recourse to war," said French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin.

White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said of France: "They rejected it before Iraq rejected it. If that isn't an unreasonable veto, what is?"

Some, including me, thought that the President's continual work with the Security Council was backpedaling, was pointless, even dangerous. The French would never give in - this is obvious. So why try?
Now it becomes clear. The President has been working hard to give the French all the rope they could want - and the trapdoor is opening. Oops. Bush's apparant irresolution has indeed emboldened the French and the Iraqis. The Iraqis are going to get blown up anyway - no one can expect real cooperation from THEM now, but the Frecnh were getting more insistent that NO second resolution would EVER be passed.
Well, they're going to get what they want - and they're going to wind up holding the bag. The French have ensured that not only will the UN collapse, but they will be the ones blamed. They've saved Tony Blair, our Loyal Ally and a great guy, by giving him a reason to commit British troops even without a resolution. They've ensured that they are going down in history as the people who could have prevented the Iraqi war by leaning on Saddam - and didn't do it.